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PayorSight is brought to you by Collateral Velocity, a team of financial and liquidity experts that are bringing tools to market to create less risk and more payment certainty to the healthcare industry.

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Cash flow is often a second-class citizen — modeled with manual and error-prone spreadsheets. They are painstakingly reported out of numerous systems that cannot talk to each other, usually based on an educated guess rather than fact.

CFOs face the problem of relying on time consuming and inaccurate cash forecasts, leading to suboptimal working capital and liquidity decisions. We think there is a better way.

PayorSight was created by the cash flow and liquidity modeling experts at Collateral Velocity as part of a smarter, more sophisticated treasury relationship that redefines insights and delivers efficiency. Finance professionals can now spend more time solving problems and less time “counting beans.” The twin goals of cash flow and liquidity management are increasingly important in times of uncertainty. And with healthcare organizations feeling heightened financial pressure from all directions, cash flow performance is a top priority.

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PMMC, the industry leader in claim payment expectancy to improve financial outcomes, provides software and services that enable better financial performance.  PMMC’s HFMA Peer Reviewed Contract PRO statistically models payer contractual terms using historical claim data and coding practices to accurately and efficiently manage and monitor payer’s expected reimbursement.  Contract PRO integrates with PayorSights to enable robust financial forecasts.  

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